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Taekwondo competitions at the Olympics first appeared at the 2000 Summer Olympics ...

In 1966, Taekwon-do (ITF) began its development around the world. In the same year, the International Taekwon-do Federation (ITF) was created ...

After the end of the Korean War of 1950–53, the government of the Republic of Korea supported the idea of unifying schools and creating a national martial art ...

Although the literal translation of the word Taekwon-do is the art of owning kicks and kicks (Tae means kicking, Kwon means kicking, DO means the way, art) is nothing more than a literal translation ...


Check with the leaders of the association, who monitor the fulfillment of our obligations to you. All senior executives of the association have many years of experience. These are well-educated people and promising specialists.
Khasanov Laziz Saydivalievich

President National Association Taekwon-DO ITF of Uzbekistan

Abduvaliev Gafurjan Agzamovich

1 Vice-president

Jalilov Oybek Yoldoshboyevich


Mirzaboev Qudrat Muhammadalievich

Chairman of the certification commission


Фотогаллерея достижений сборной Узбекистана по таэквондо в международных турнирах
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